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Blog: A Four Letter Word?

I am overwhelmed by blogs right now; the blogs I want to read in my Google Reader and Netvibes accounts, the blog posts I would like to write, the blog posts I am forced to write for a class I am enrolled in, and the blogs I need to evaluate from my students.  I have […] 

Are we Testing the Right Things

The article from the New York Times by Matt Richtel makes some powerful points, however I cannot help but think we are not soliciting data on the right things. On the New Blooms Taxonomy, the highest order is now creativity. How do we assess this and how often to we assess our students ability to apply […] 

UbD and Music and Flexibility

I had an incredible experience last week working with a teacher on UbD units.  Our band teacher was struggling with her UbD units because planning in units did not seem to “fit” her process and how you teach band. With her teaching organized around performances rather than explicit units, she was having a difficult time […] 

Driving the Assessment Conversation

How much don’t we know about assessment?  This was the questions I really wanted to delve into on our last PD day with staff here at AES.  I have been particularly struck by an article written by Richard J. Stiggins where he states:  ”Few teachers are prepared to face the challenges of classroom assessment because […] 

Letting the Essential Questions Live

In my role at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, I support teachers planning with the Understanding by Design model.  A curriculum planning model I love and feel helps to clarify what is really important about the curriculum. As also a grade 8 Humanities teacher, I not only plan, but implement my units into […]