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Collaborators Needed

It is lonely in here. And by in here I mean the Curriculum Office.  I have one peer at the school in terms of K-12 curriculum work and next year I will lose her, so it will actually get lonelier.  I have very few collaborative partners at school. I have a few technology integrators I […] 

Blog: A Four Letter Word?

I am overwhelmed by blogs right now; the blogs I want to read in my Google Reader and Netvibes accounts, the blog posts I would like to write, the blog posts I am forced to write for a class I am enrolled in, and the blogs I need to evaluate from my students.  I have […] 

Shaking in My Boots as I Walk the Talk

This past summer when I attended the Curriculum Mapping Institute with Heidi Hayes Jacobs I was so impressed with the integration of technology into the presentations, I set a professional goal this year to Walk the Talk, meaning, I cannot exhort people to integrate technology and NOT use it in my presentations.  I decided I […] 

Are we Testing the Right Things

The article from the New York Times by Matt Richtel makes some powerful points, however I cannot help but think we are not soliciting data on the right things. On the New Blooms Taxonomy, the highest order is now creativity. How do we assess this and how often to we assess our students ability to apply […] 

The Teacher Who Does Not Teach

Yup, that is me this year. For the first time ever, I am not in the classroom.  I have actually been working toward this for several years. First the masters and leadership projects, then part-time release positions for few years where I experienced both worlds, curriculum work and teaching.  This transition period was so important […] 

A Hope and A Long Comment on Prensky

For this class I hope to engage in stimulating and enriching conversation. I want to hear about what other people are struggling with and are challenged by in terms of technology integration. I want to gain a greater understanding of what schools can do to support teachers with technology integration and I want to find […] 

I Feel Comfortable…Most of the Time

Technology is not new, I had my first website and webpages for my students in 1999.  My first time out recruiting in 2001, I had an online job portfolio with lesson plans, photos of student work, etc.  We have all been teaching for a very long time with technology, what I think is new, is […] 

Who is Really in the Way

“The goal needs to shift from one of making a system that teaches children a curriculum more efficiently to one of making the system more effective by inspiring lifelong learning in students, so that they are able to have full and productive lives in a rapidly shifting economy.” Steve Denning from Single Best Idea for […] 

Where I Am At Now…Challenged

Frankly, I am not sure where I am at and I am really not sure if today is the day to be thinking about this, because if I consider and answer honestly I come back to an earlier post I had regarding if we are ready to lead the change that needs to happen. I […] 

Curriculum Mapping Institute 2011: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, first off, pardon any errors, I am doing this from my iPad and well, I make a lot of mistakes and I may not get them all. It is hard to move around and edit, though I must say, despite some limitations, I really am enjoying my iPad. I have just wrapped CMI 2011, […]